FusionServer 5288 V6 Rack Server

FusionServer 5288 V6 Rack Server

Meets warm and cold storage requirements and is preferred for video analysis storage servers

FusionServer 5288 V6 is a 4U 2-socket rack server that meets service requirements such as hot, warm, and cold data tiered deployment and historical data archiving. With its efficient design, FusionServer 5288 V6 ensures excellent computing performance and provides flexible and ultra-large local storage expansion capabilities, reducing data storage costs. The 5288 V6 can be configured with two Intel Xeon scalable processor, 32 DDR4 DIMMs, and 44 3.5-inch + 4 NVMe SSDs in a 4 U space.Integrates patented technologies such as DEMT intelligent power management and FDM intelligent fault management, and can be configured with FusionDirector full-lifecycle management software, effectively reducing OPEX and improving ROI.

Technical Specifications

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