CloudEngine 6800 - CE6881-48S6CQ-B

CloudEngine 6800 - CE6881-48S6CQ-B

Next generation 10 GE, 25 GE, and 50 GE switches. 

Offering high performance, high port density, and low latency, CloudEngine 6800 series switches enable enterprises and carriers alike to build cloud-oriented data center networks. The series features an advanced hardware design combined with either 10 GE, 25 GE, or 50 GE access ports, and 40 GE, 100 GE, or 200 GE uplink ports. Advanced data center features, high performance stacking technologies, and flexible airflow capabilities complete the series.

CloudEngine 6800 is well suited to both the core and aggregation layers, and is fully compatible with CloudEngine 16800 and 12800 series switches, enabling enterprises to build scalable, simplified, open, and secure networks.

View CloudEngine 6863 3D Model

View CloudEngine 6881 3D Model

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